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Fr. Botros El Komos

Parish Priest

of Saint Mark & Saint George

Coptic Orthodox Church

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Father Botros El Komos


Fr. Botros El Komos is the Parish Priest of the Saint Mark & Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church in Strathpine, Brisbane - Qld. He was ordained on the 23rd of September 2023 by the hands of our blessed Bishop Daniel of Sydney & its affiliated regions.

Prior to his ordination as Parish Priest upon the altar of the Saint Mark & Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church, Fr. Botros was ordained and served as Arch-Deacon Hedra El Komos.

Fr. Botros was born to a pious Coptic-Christian family by the name of Ayman El Komos in Sohag, Egypt. He was always selflessly serving the Church, its congregation and surrounding communities with all humility and Great Love.

Graduating with a degree of Applied Arts - Fr. Botros immigrated from Egypt to Australia with his blessed family in 2013 until he was ordained and accepted the calling of the Priesthood.

Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ continue to Protect, Bless and Keep him for us for many years ahead - as we continue to be Blessed through his selfless, caring and blessed hands.

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