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COVID-19 Restrictions - Latest Update

Latest COVID-19 Updates

Due to the recent announced cases in Queensland - extra restrictions have now been put in place for the movement and gatherings across Queensland.

The Queensland Government along with Dr. Jeannette Young, Chief Health Officer, recently announced 9 positive test results and the potential spread of COVID-19 across the state.

Additionally, due to newly mandated restrictions, the QLD Government has also stipulated restrictions across North and South of Brisbane and the broader community.

To help protect the wider community, as well as all members of our congregation in these areas and in general – all QLD Government Covid-19 Restrictions & Laws MUST BE ADHERED TO STRICTLY.

The Church has implemented a Covid-19 Safety Plan to continue to offer liturgical services and is in adherence and full co-operation with the Queensland Government & Health Authorities to help curb and fight the spread of Covid-19.

For Our Church to be able to operate under these restrictions, everyone entering the church will have to STRICTLY follow the Church's COVID-19 Safe Plan as mandated by the Queensland Government.

This means that everyone’s cooperation is essential by following the below instructions:

  • The Church will continue with the Online booking for liturgical services, vespers and any and all onsite attendance.

  • Prior to entry to the church every adult must sign in by either filling an electronic declaration form (preferred), or to complete the on-premise hard-copy register which will be available at the entrance.

  • Follow all signs, designated entrance and exits points along with floor markings across the church.

  • Do not exceed maximum capacity of spaces (refer to signs and instructions at the entrance). Once full-capacity of the church is reached the doors will be locked, that is why it is essential to pre-book your attendance to any and all attendance at the church (whether liturgical, vespers or services being conducted on-premise).

  • At all times, maintain social distancing especially during communion and follow the outlined signs on the pews for seating during services.

  • If members of the same household are attending services, they do not need to practice physical distancing from each other.

  • If you or any of your household members have any COVID-19 or COLD/ FLU-Like symptoms, please DO NOT ENTER the church. Live Streaming of the Liturgy & Vespers are available via the church website or our YouTube Streaming Channel:

  • Maintain personal hygiene, and regularly wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow or personal handkerchief, and use the available hand sanitising equipment available to you across the church.

Please Note: Funerals, Baptisms & Marriage Services - are to be pre-arranged to take place in the church during these times. This will need to be organised with Fr. Bishoy Wassef to ensure all safety precautions and restrictions are adhered to.

Social distancing, hygiene and cleaning/ sanitisation services of the Church are in place on a strictly regulated basis.

The Coptic Diocese of Sydney and Affiliated Regions will continue working with the Queensland Health Authorities to pursue the best course of action for public safety, and will be in close contact with Queensland Health Authorities if mandates dictate further changes to services.

General Requirements & Precautions

  1. If you are ill, please stay at home. No visitors are to enter the church if feeling sick (No Exceptions).

  2. We are required to record contact details of attendees at every liturgy, vespers and or gatherings. These details are kept secure for 56 days in case QLD Health Authorities or the QLD Government audits them. Pre-Attendance to services and Liturgies will need to be pre-booked online prior to attending (please contact Fr. Bishoy Wassef for further details).

  3. Social distancing is to be maintained, which includes occupancy limits of one person per 4 square metres indoors and people keeping a distance of 1.5 metres between each other.

  4. Hand sanitizer or hand-washing facilities are made available across the church, inside and out (bookshop, store, church hall etc).

  5. All Visitors MUST sanitise their hands upon entry and exit.

More Information

Thank you all for your understanding during these difficult times. Let us all join in Prayer and Supplication to Our Lord to lift this Pandemic from the World.

God Bless You All & Your Families.

~ +++ ~

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