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Fr. Bishoy Wassef - Funeral Schedule

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“Blessed is the Man You Choose, and cause to approach You, that he may dwell in Your Courts” (Ps 64:4)

Beloved, on Saturday the 14th of Oct 2023 we will farewell Abouna Bishoy’s body, but his spirit remains with us in the One Holy Church. He taught us to be organised, to have order and always be ready.

In this spirit the Church Committee, with the Clergy & Servants have planned the following and ask your participation so the day flows smoothly:


  • Please Park on the streets or on nearby car parks. Please be careful not to obstruct driveways and flow of traffic.

  • The church car park will be limited STRICTLY to the Clergy and Abouna Bishoy’s funeral motorcade ONLY.

  • Traffic controllers will control the church gate and make sure cars are directed properly so as not to park in driveways.

  • The neighbours, police and authorities have been notified of the event.


  • A night vigil from 12pm - 7am.

  • Viewing of Abouna’s body will ONLY be during the vigil.

  • The Holy Liturgy will commence from 7am to 10am followed by funeral prayers for Abouna Bishoy from 10am to 12pm.

  • After the funeral prayers, Eulogies will commence to celebrate Abouna Bishoy’s Service and Life.

  • The Eulogies have been organised with select speakers from the Family and Clergy with no further speakers allowed during this time. Concluding this, the Fathers will carry Abouna Bishoy in procession around the Holy Altar navigating out and around the Church.

  • Burial is at 2pm in Mount Gravatt Cemetery.

Father Bishoy's Family specifically wishes and requests all attendees to wear white during the service, if possible.


  • There will be extra seating in the hall and a large marquee setup outside.

  • As soon as the Church is at full capacity - the congregation will be ushered to the hall and the adjacent marquee.

  • The first two rows inside the Church will be reserved for Abouna’s family, the Clergy, and Deacons.

  • Please do not block the passage ways and corridors inside the Church.

  • The marquee and the hall will have screens and audio to follow the services.

  • Parents of young children and deacons - we request that you please keep them seated beside you inside the church to observe the sombre and solemn sanctity of the services.

  • Partaking of the Holy Mysteries - please stay in the hall and the marquee. Our Fathers the Priests will come to the hall and marquee to give the Holy Communion to all who are ready to partake.(Please observe period of fasting prior to receiving Holy Communion)


  • AGHAPY: Meal & Drink - A small box with a meal and a drink will be provided.

  • Please Note: There is STRICTLY NO EATING inside the Church at all times.

  • Toilets inside the hall will be reserved for elders and children ONLY. Portable toilets will be available to others.

  • Abouna’s family will receive condolences at the Cemetery only NOT during the Church services.

  • The family has requested, should you wish to write a note of condolence, you do so via the following link:

Many Thanks for your co-operation during this time.

God Bless You All,

The Church Committee & Servants

✥ ✥ ✥

Vigil Schedule on Friday night 13/10

  • 12am-1am: Vespers including a veneration for Fr. Bishoy Kamel.

  • 1am-2am: Midnight Prayers (3 watches)

  • 2am-4am: Midnight Praises

  • 4am-6am: 150 Psalms

  • 6am-7am: Morning Doxology and Prayers


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